Buying a home is usually an emotional experience


      Peace of mind: CResiding in a rented house it requires payment settlement to be done continuously for the rent. This may result in worst scenario for more people that they might lose their job due to some conflicts or to any bad situations.Then at the end they will find it difficult to pay the for those people they would prefer living in their own house.
      Aspiration:  Getting a house is an inspiration for most of the people. This result in having a great status to the society by having the ownership of their own house. They will start to feel so much pride and self respect in them. Buying a house is an important achievement for these people life time.
      For a lifestyle: A few part of people have their dreams of lifestyle that is not achievable to them right now. Maybe they have to work on their workouts daily, but driving through heavy traffic and looking out for space for parking is stopping these people to go to the gym. There is a residential complex providing these types of amenities which people look for gym, swimming pool or some sports area might be just what these people would be in search to live successfully in their desired lifestyle.
      Keeping up with others: It's not a joke. The main important reason for most of the buyers is they see their friends and families buying their house and communicating about this all the time. They feel that they are left behind,they also feel that all their friends have gone up except them. This is the first time house owners and experienced buyers looking for a vacant home.
      As an investment:Coming to the end, there are people who buys the house for investment purpose. This won't encourage them to live in their house, but will be used for rent and to sell their property in future. These people will show major interest on the rental value & appreciation potential of the neighborhood.