Together, let's build a powerful new solar system

The Rays of Life

When the first streak of orange lights up the sky, birds begin chirping and sunflowers turn their heads to receive the rays of life. The world wakes up to the warm touch of sunlight. Plants absorb the sun's energy and release the oxygen we breathe. All life on earth revolves around one immensely powerful, pure and generous source of energy – the sun.

Solar energy is infinite. The sun radiates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy that the world utilizes every year. It is one with the environment, and is absolutely harmless in environmentally-sensitive regions. It helps us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and control our dependence on environmentally-harmful fossil fuels.

Solar energy is the need of the hour in India. It has the potential to reach the remotest parts of our country. There are places where people still don't have electricity, one of the most basic rights the modern world is entitled to. Solar power is a cost-effective, easily implementable solution to their needs. It has the potential to create a phenomenal transformation that touches billions of lives. Solar energy is illuminating a progressive future.

Energized by Excellence

With 64 years of heritage, the Voora Group of Companies has made its mark across a diverse portfolio of services. In the past decade, the group expanded its expertise in land promotion and construction by venturing into real estate under Voora Property Developers Pvt. Ltd., and Voora Shreeram Constructions Pvt. Ltd., and has constructed over 5 million sq. ft. of landmark projects in Chennai. In our continual endeavour to satisfy the essential needs of the society, we are expanding into the renewable energy sector through Voora Energy.

We have the expertise and technology to plan and execute cutting-edge solar projects ranging from rooftop paneling to large scale projects. We are backed by a highly experienced and dynamic team driven by the spirit of excellence. We endeavour to translate this spirit into stellar solar power projects that build progressive change across the country.

Future forward

  • To empower the future of Indians across economic strata by providing them cost-effective electricity.
  • To become the largest solar energy company in India.
  • To establish the highest standard of excellence in executing solar power projects on both a small and large scale.
  • To power a clean and green energy revolution by taking solar energy to the remotest corners of India.
  • To achieve excellent year-on-year profitability and delight our stakeholders.

The Power Team

This visionary entrepreneur paved the path for Voora's journey in real estate. He has over 40 years of rich experience encompassing 20 years in agro trading and 20 years in project management, contracting and commercial activities.

This young and dynamic entrepreneur has played a pivotal role in transforming Voora into a name to be reckoned with. He is in charge of overall management.

This technocrat has 15 years of rich experience. He is in charge of managing our solar power projects.

Quality First

At Voora Energy, quality is more than a goal, it is constant. Irrespective of the scale or location of the projects we undertake, we implement a stringent quality control program through every stage of the project. We strive to deliver uncompromising excellence in our projects.

Brilliance at Work
  • We at Voora Energy believe in achieving brilliance in everything we do. Our winning spirit is supported by our strengths as a company.
  • Adapting global technology to our environment through local expertise.
  • Proven expertise in design, installation and delivery of projects.
  • Efficient financial strategy.
  • Effective and strategic bidding.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Improved yield and cash flow.
  • A winning attitude.

A Spectrum of Expertise

We have the expertise, experience and capacity to offer the gamut of solar energy services, from approvals, project design to operations and maintenance.

Approvals & Liaisoning
  • Project registration at MNRE (Ministry of Non Renewable Energy) nodal agency
  • LTOA (Long-term Open Agreement) related work
  • Plant commissioning certificate
  • Power Purchase Agreement with the government / private company
  • Land-related paperwork
  • REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) related SLDC (State Load Dispatch Centre) registration
  • Accreditation certificate
  • NLDC (National Load Dispatch Centre) registration

Plant Design and Engineering

Every region in India has unique terrains and weather conditions that pose challenges while planning solar power projects. Plenty of groundwork is invested in analyzing the soil, weather, wind, radiance and topography. The project is designed with these factors in mind. This unique approach is important for achieving maximum power output and ensuring efficient project operations. Below are the three major steps we follow during project design.

  • Selection of modules based on the project capacity and efficiency.
  • Markings based on the topographical sheet.
  • Panels are mounted in accordance with the markings, while ensuring that there is minimum disturbance to the environment.

Construction and Procurement Management

  • A robust and agile supply chain (Tier 1 vendors) with a global network for the timely delivery of system equipment.
  • Inventory management.
  • Quality and inspection control.
  • Mounting solutions.
  • Alignment of non-module components with module components to generate better yield.
  • An integrated planning, scheduling and execution system.
  • Final commissioning.
Post-commissioning Management (O&M)
  • Site inspection.
  • Regular cleaning of panels and inverters.
  • Removal and replacement of faulty equipment.
  • Remote monitoring.

Investment Models

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Revenue earned through the sale of electricity to a private party or the government.

REC (Renewable Energy Certificate)

These are certificates which a solar power plant developer acquires from the government on generation of solar power from the solar power plant. These certificates are traded on power exchanges in a price band of `9.30 to `13.40 per unit.

CER (Certified Emission Rates)

Emission reduction projects can earn saleable Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits, each equivalent to 1 ton of CO2, which can be counted towards meeting the Kyoto target.

Escalated Land Value
  • Large tracts of land are acquired for solar PV power plants. The value of the land will definitely appreciate after 25 years (the minimum lifetime of a project).
  • Tax Holiday for 10 Years
  • No income tax is payable on revenue earned from solar power for 10 years.
  • 80% Accelerated Tax Depreciation
  • Establishing a solar PV power plant helps you enjoy an excellent tax benefit on your current business revenue. You can claim for 80% depreciation in the first year, 16% in the second year and so on.

Project Operation and Maintenance


The operation of a solar power plant is relatively simple and restricted to daylight hours. Since the inverter and the switch gear controllers are automated, maintenance will mostly involve monitoring the overall performance of the system.


Compared to most other power generation technologies, solar PV plants have minimal maintenance and servicing requirements. However, proper maintenance of a PV plant is essential to optimize the energy yield and maximize the life of the system. Scheduled or preventive maintenance and unscheduled maintenance procedures have to be carried out. Panel cleaning and vegetation control need to be performed regularly. A maintenance schedule needs to be prepared for standardization of the process.

Annual Maintenance Checks

  • Check for discolouration of solar photovoltaic cells.
  • Check the panels for dust. Clean or wash them if necessary.
  • Check all the connections and ensure that they are not loose.
  • Verify the array output for VOC, VMP, ISC and IMP for any sign of deterioration.
  • Verify whether any string or array falls under a shadow and remove the object creating the shadow.
  • Verify the function of the tracking system, if provided, in line with the sun’s trajectory and adjust the angle of inclination if required.
  • Check insulation characteristics for transformer oils.
  • Check the switch gear parts for dust and any risk of corrosion.
  • Undertake pre-monsoon checks and cleaning of drains and cable trenches in the substation and at the solar farm.
  • Check if the roads and pathways need to be mended after the monsoon.
  • Check the barbed wire fencing and compound wall for damages and rectify the same.
  • Partnering with the Global Giants

Partnering with the Global Giants

We undertake every project in partnership with global leaders in the solar energy industry. It unifies progressive visions that steer state-of-the-art solar projects. We promise uncompromising quality that will ensure that every project delivers its full potential. Read on to know more about our illustrious partners.

canadian solar logo

Established in Canada in the year 2001, Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ) is a global energy provider with business subsidiaries in 20 countries across 6 continents. The company has a total project pipeline of 13.5GW, including an increase of late-stage projects to 2GW. The company has delivered over 15GW of panel shipments, or over 70 million PV modules in the past 15 years.

convert logo

This 35-year old Italian company has designed, developed and patented a single axis tracker, TRJ, the world's first tracking system to receive the TUV SUD certification. It is designed to deliver the most challenging modular projects to perfection. The company's modular products are not only of the finest quality, but are easy to install, maintain and integrate in all PV industry technologies.

sma logo

Founded in Germany in the year 1981, SMA has grown to become a global leader in the solar inverter business, with a presence in over 20 countries. SMA manufactures state-of-the-art solar inverters for photovoltaic systems with grid connection, off-grid power supply and backup operations. SMA has installed over 50GW of solar inverters globally and 1GW in India.

leoni logo

Founded in 1917, Leoni is one of the world's leading manufacturers of global wiring systems and cable technology, with a presence across 31 countries. The company supplies wires, optical fibres, cables, cable systems and offers related services to the global energy industry, among others.

A Glimpse of our Project at Dhadesugar, Raichur District

Land Area 60 acres
Total Investment 74.4 crores
Technology Photovoltaic
Annual Power Generation 209 lakh units
Capacity Utilization Factor 21%
Project Life 30 years
Evacuation GESCOM, Karnataka